I’m sleepy but I want to watch Paramore



me. too.

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I think the reason it bothers me so much when dudes tell me I’m pretty or hot or whatever when they’re trying to get laid is that, like…. I know. It’s like saying “you’re wearing a blue shirt” and then expecting me to suck your dick for that

lmfao yes.

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When you have your first cigarette it makes you sick.

It is gross and you don’t exactly like the taste, but you try another.

The second is better, but you still can’t take a drag without coughing.

She is like the third cigarette to me. You finally get a whole drag and your body goes numb from the buzz.

Being with her is like feeling that at all times. You can get addicted easily and find that your moods shift maniacally when you don’t get your fix. It is almost scary, but at the same time the fun in the situation is the plunge into the addiction.

So baby, burn me down, feel a buzz, and pretend I am like number three because you started something that no one can stop if they wanted to. That is what it is like when a Tornado meets a Volcano.

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Got my tattoo colored in today!


Got my tattoo colored in today!

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